Posted 17 July 2009 – 13:21 by Gerd Zechmeister from Vienna, Austria (Permalink)
nice references you have there, Nurka :)

If you want to find out about the morbid sides of Vienna check out the wonderful cemetery of nameless (“Friedhof der Namenlosen”) in Albern in 11th district (altough hard too reach without bike, even public transport is rare). According to online sites it is the only cemetery worldwide where only corpses found in water (but not anymore used for funerals I guess…) are buried.
(only German… but see the photos)

or the St. Marxer Friedhof – another old cemetery with huge tombstones.
(same as with link above…)

or find out about some of the famous Viennese community-subsidized tenement buildings (Karl-Marx-Hof, Rabenhof…).

i am sure the hostel guys can help you out finding these places :)

wish you a great stay!


well, i think it is cool. and i still didnt see there, a cemetery for nameless people. in the movie “before sunsetor “before sunrise” they showed this cemetery.